Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hi there. i think if you have not blogged for a while it becomes very difficult to start again.
May is a very hard month for me, i just as much like to hibernate and come back in June. But life goes on regardless of how we feel.
I noticed i made a mistake last time and showed the wrong picture of what i made regarding the toytime circus quilt, we live and learn, and hopefully look before i post.
I have managed to make another block so will show that as well.I must say i enjoy making this quilt i have to find out if i can do quilt as you go instead of trying to do the whole quilt.
this is the last one i made.I is a very blurry picture, sorry about that.
this is the one was meaning to show in the last post.i also finished a block from the girl day out, but have not made a photo yet so will show that later.
we helped one of my daughters shift from Montrose to Ballarat over the weekend, all my children are now back in Ballarat so only an hour away.
 i will have to make another baby quilt for her as she is expecting number 2 in November, very exciting, that will bring the number of grandchildren to 12.
I am doing a mystery quilt and a round robin and row by row round robin quilt with the stawell quilters, i think i need to get my head checked as it is very difficult to do the start of the last 2 quilts. i am starting to panic a bit as the start of both is in June.