Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hi there, time goes very quick, before you know it more then 2 weeks have gone by.
We have been quite a few times to Ballarat, i spent 2 days with one of my daughters there and then we had tea at another daughters place
we made plans that i spent 2 days with her and she comes, up one day the next week While i am at her place i should also see some of the others to. I managed to finish all the blocks from the toy times circus quilt.
this was the last block. I just want to find out if i can do this as i quilt as you go. i also prepared some girls day out blocks this was one of them.
and also this one.
and then after i put the pellon on i found out that i hadn't done all the tracing so have to figure out how to do that seeing that i cannot draw to save my life.
i also started on the mystery quilt and found out that my 1/4 inch seems are not1/4 inch so after that i called it a night.I don't feel like unpicking every thing as i have done quite a bit.
Before my daughter comes tomorrow i have to see if i can do a friendship block to bring to quilters on thursday.