Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hi. i just realised i have been missing in action for a while.This is the first block of the toy circus BOM. that i finished this month. You think i would do that first, but no i did the second block first. I did the applique with the machine and am very happy with it, i had not done this before, it goes so much quicker
This is the first block of girls day out which i had not shown before, i thought it was finished, but see it still needs the lace on the veranda.
 I am doing block five at the moment I did the applique and now have to do the stitching on it. I also started on the third block of the circus quilt.
i went to a friends place last Friday and we layered the Macca's farm quilt together.all i have to do now is quilt it, that is the hardest for me. i had a count of all my quilt tops last week and have about 9 quilt tops finished, just as well i still like them,and would like to finish them.maybe i can do that this year.
I think this year is going to be a finishing year. It is not going to stop me buying things of course but i need more space to put all the more recent buys.

Monday, 4 March 2013

hi, last week was a very busy week, at  least the latter half. the first part of the week was spent doing the first block of the girls day out. There was a lot more work involved than i thought,but it was nice to see it done.
then on Thursday was my day in Stawell. we had a workshop in doing machine applique.i feel a lot more comfortable doing it on the machine now.Maybe i can get some BOM i have stashed away finished now.
Friday 3 friends and i went to Warrnambool to the embroidery guild exhibition, before that we spent some time at Spotlight and Lincraft, and after the exhibition we found Periwinkle patchwork. on the way home we called into Kerang cottage patchwork shop, i forgot my camera of course, like usual so can not show any pictures, but we had a great day. We bought lots of things of course as you do, but it was all useful and needed.
Sunday was spent in Ballarat at happy jacks with all the family, My daughter and family were over from Melbourne so it was great. this is the finished top of the farm quilt, so all i have to do is finish it