Wednesday, 17 July 2013

hi, i finally have a few minutes to spare and post something.
Last Sunday was spent in ballarat, little Oscar had his second birthday and had lots of visitors and presents. His mother made a birthday cake that looked like his favorite character, George pig.
At the same time i could give his big brother Oliver his quilt that i finally finished just before we went there.
He thought that it was pretty good.(his words)
I also finished the latest row by row installment which is only due tomorrow, why am i so good at leaving it till the last moment. I promised to do something for a friend which also got finished.
Last week i picked up the pattern and the material that i had ordered with it, Cheryl knows all the fabric i like and she did a good job of picking it, I am very happy with it

Thursday, 4 July 2013

time flies

Hi there. It has been awhile since my last post, i am full of good intention, but then life happens.
i have been busy with the round robin quilt we are doing at Stawell, trying to think of what to do
.Finding out i have not much material that goes with it, so having to buy more which is a real hardship of course.
Yesterday was the day we had to hand it in and receive the next one, which is a bit of a headache as all the edge are on the bias, so have to be real careful and that is not my middle name.
It was a really good day yesterday, i also went to the craft shop and bought some goodies and had a good talk with Cheryl.
Also started quilting my grandsons quilt,
i did in the ditch with the machine and am now outline quilting all the animals by hand with Perle 8as my free motion quilting is non existing.I will be in Ballarat again next week for 2 days, i might go by train instead of the bus as i can not do anything while traveling by bus. I did some stitching on the girls day out to, i seem to have a love-hate relationship with that quilt, i love the look of it but have not to much luck making it.
This week i will also have to make a row for the row by row as that is due in less then 14 days.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hi there, time goes very quick, before you know it more then 2 weeks have gone by.
We have been quite a few times to Ballarat, i spent 2 days with one of my daughters there and then we had tea at another daughters place
we made plans that i spent 2 days with her and she comes, up one day the next week While i am at her place i should also see some of the others to. I managed to finish all the blocks from the toy times circus quilt.
this was the last block. I just want to find out if i can do this as i quilt as you go. i also prepared some girls day out blocks this was one of them.
and also this one.
and then after i put the pellon on i found out that i hadn't done all the tracing so have to figure out how to do that seeing that i cannot draw to save my life.
i also started on the mystery quilt and found out that my 1/4 inch seems are not1/4 inch so after that i called it a night.I don't feel like unpicking every thing as i have done quite a bit.
Before my daughter comes tomorrow i have to see if i can do a friendship block to bring to quilters on thursday.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hi there. i think if you have not blogged for a while it becomes very difficult to start again.
May is a very hard month for me, i just as much like to hibernate and come back in June. But life goes on regardless of how we feel.
I noticed i made a mistake last time and showed the wrong picture of what i made regarding the toytime circus quilt, we live and learn, and hopefully look before i post.
I have managed to make another block so will show that as well.I must say i enjoy making this quilt i have to find out if i can do quilt as you go instead of trying to do the whole quilt.
this is the last one i made.I is a very blurry picture, sorry about that.
this is the one was meaning to show in the last post.i also finished a block from the girl day out, but have not made a photo yet so will show that later.
we helped one of my daughters shift from Montrose to Ballarat over the weekend, all my children are now back in Ballarat so only an hour away.
 i will have to make another baby quilt for her as she is expecting number 2 in November, very exciting, that will bring the number of grandchildren to 12.
I am doing a mystery quilt and a round robin and row by row round robin quilt with the stawell quilters, i think i need to get my head checked as it is very difficult to do the start of the last 2 quilts. i am starting to panic a bit as the start of both is in June.

Friday, 26 April 2013

hi there i am back again I did not mean to take such a long time between postings but life has a habit of trowing things out. last week we went to the quilt show in melbourne it was good but did not seem as busy as 2 years ago.
 it was my birthday last Tuesday and this is what my birthday present was i received it a few days before that and i went to Ballarat last Wednesday to pick up the insert so it fitted into the sewing cabinet. it is fantastic, a lot better then what i had.We had visitors over 4 days so i did not get much done but it was good to see every one. the kids put money together and gave me a personal DVD player and gift cards so i will be able to buy some goodies.
i don;t know what i did wrong but this is what i bought at the quilt show. we went to a seminar from Logans patchwork and Margaret showed how to work with border prints so i bought a kit and ruler from them. The pattern is from Somerset patchwork i love that shop.The book is from Gum Valley patchwork, i enjoy working with hexagons, but maybe this is a bit ambitious.
this is what i managed to  finish this halfway before my old machine decided it needed a holiday but now it is finally finished.
tomorrow we are going to Ballarat as Amilie is getting baptized so we will be gone the whole day.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hi. i am back again. I have had some problems with my computer, and the hot water service which needed replacing and if that was not enough my sewing machine decided it had enough and was not going to do anything anymore. So i have not much to show for the time since my last post.
This is the block i finished , it is from the toy circus quilt. I am happy with how it turned out.
last Thursday was the mystery bus tour from the Stawell quilters. I had a great day, we went to Dunolly, Eaglehawk in Bendigo, Maldon , we also had lunch there and from there we went to Castlemaine, and from there to Maryborough and  had tea there and from there back to Stawell, we got back home about 9.30.  Here is my bounty
I did not go overboard as the aqc is on and we are going there on Thursday. I also bought a book from Threadbear from the Quiltmania with all quits in from Petra Prins and ordered a copy of Di Ford's new book, i am really looking forward to that one as i love her patterns.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hi. i just realised i have been missing in action for a while.This is the first block of the toy circus BOM. that i finished this month. You think i would do that first, but no i did the second block first. I did the applique with the machine and am very happy with it, i had not done this before, it goes so much quicker
This is the first block of girls day out which i had not shown before, i thought it was finished, but see it still needs the lace on the veranda.
 I am doing block five at the moment I did the applique and now have to do the stitching on it. I also started on the third block of the circus quilt.
i went to a friends place last Friday and we layered the Macca's farm quilt together.all i have to do now is quilt it, that is the hardest for me. i had a count of all my quilt tops last week and have about 9 quilt tops finished, just as well i still like them,and would like to finish them.maybe i can do that this year.
I think this year is going to be a finishing year. It is not going to stop me buying things of course but i need more space to put all the more recent buys.

Monday, 4 March 2013

hi, last week was a very busy week, at  least the latter half. the first part of the week was spent doing the first block of the girls day out. There was a lot more work involved than i thought,but it was nice to see it done.
then on Thursday was my day in Stawell. we had a workshop in doing machine applique.i feel a lot more comfortable doing it on the machine now.Maybe i can get some BOM i have stashed away finished now.
Friday 3 friends and i went to Warrnambool to the embroidery guild exhibition, before that we spent some time at Spotlight and Lincraft, and after the exhibition we found Periwinkle patchwork. on the way home we called into Kerang cottage patchwork shop, i forgot my camera of course, like usual so can not show any pictures, but we had a great day. We bought lots of things of course as you do, but it was all useful and needed.
Sunday was spent in Ballarat at happy jacks with all the family, My daughter and family were over from Melbourne so it was great. this is the finished top of the farm quilt, so all i have to do is finish it

Saturday, 23 February 2013

hi talking about the block i messed up, i did have trouble finding the material. so might finish the rest and then see what i do.
 i am still working on the first block from the girls day out so cannot show that but can show another one that is finished. i did this one a while back.
had a visit from my son Gerard and his wife and 2 children this morning,it was a nice surprise as i thought i would be home alone as hubbie is playing bowls the whole day.
last thursday went to Stawell to the quilting group,and while there i always go to the craft shop to buy things and catch up with Cheryl from Cheryl's stitching. she sorted out some really nice material for the BOM from Bronwyn Hayes that is in the homespun magazine. i am looking forward to making that. i like the material very much. you did a good job Cheryl thank you

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hi. I have had a busy morning so far. first thing this morning physio at 9 am. some shopping after that with breaks for coffee of course. Had to pay some bills which i don't enjoy, but who does.
Some things got done on the craft front to.I have nearly finished the first block of Dolly and me. Can you use the excuse she made me do it if you follow some blogs and you see some beautiful work there?
 I also did a BOM i started about 4 years ago, i think. it is called Toujour. I finally finished the first block., and messed up the second, so have to go and visit the craft shop at stawell and see if i can get matching fabric.keeping fingers crossed.
i have to have a look at all the BOM's i have and decide which ones should be done first, I would like to finish some of them this year.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

hi it has been a busy week, for me that is.
we went to Ballarat on Sunday,went to the market and bought some yummy dutch food,then we visited friends and went to youngest daughter.
the idea was to catch up with daughter who lives in Montrose, sort of meet halfway, but they all caught a cold and could not make it.
on the craft front i finished a block of the toy time circus. i could do a lot more if i could do machine applique.
after not being able to do much last year i am so happy to be able to do it now.
i am also finishing the Macca's farm quilt. it was supposed to be for a first birthday, but he is turning three next week. so not bad going.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

hi there i am back again. had some lessons from youngest daughter how to put the photo's on the computer.
i am pretty computer illiterate. so hope it works well now.
 i finished block 4 of girls day out, the photo is a bit fussy . i hope the next one will be better. i have really enjoyed doing this block, i will still have to put the lollies in the jars. i do not know if i do it now or when it is finished. i am glad i am part of this stitch along, it would still be in the box if i hadn't joined.
i have to be at the physio at 2 o'clock and do some shopping after that.
we had our meeting at Stawell yesterday from the Stawell quilters, some had cleaned their sewing rooms and had things to give away so some extra things came home with me.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

This is a quilt I made for my newest granddaughter Amilie Charlotte.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

hi i nearly forgot i would like to thank Sharon and Sue for welcoming me to the world of blogging.
hi  i am back.
my friend Jackie came and helped me with some thinks i didn't understand.
all i have to learn now is how to work the  photo's.
we had a busy week last week, we welcomed our 11th grandchild a girl,so now we have 2 granddaughters.
i have also been working on my girls day out block, i finished the stitching in block 10. i might do the easy blocks first.have something to show then. i  also have to finish the quilt for the baby, i wish there are more hours in a day, but i think that is a well known wish all over the world.

Friday, 4 January 2013

hi there i am new to blogging si i hope you have some patience  as i learn how to work this.
i thought having a blog would help me to get more projects done i love patchwork and stittcheries. so we will see how it goes