Thursday, 31 January 2013

hi there i am back again. had some lessons from youngest daughter how to put the photo's on the computer.
i am pretty computer illiterate. so hope it works well now.
 i finished block 4 of girls day out, the photo is a bit fussy . i hope the next one will be better. i have really enjoyed doing this block, i will still have to put the lollies in the jars. i do not know if i do it now or when it is finished. i am glad i am part of this stitch along, it would still be in the box if i hadn't joined.
i have to be at the physio at 2 o'clock and do some shopping after that.
we had our meeting at Stawell yesterday from the Stawell quilters, some had cleaned their sewing rooms and had things to give away so some extra things came home with me.


  1. Hi Maria
    Your block 4 is lovely, I am all appliqued and drawn up ready to stitch mine, I think I will add the lollies in when I do this but I need to go bead shopping to get some. Its a cute block.

  2. Your block is looking great. Did you get an invite to also post over on the group Blog? If not email me and I will send it again. hugs, Sharon