Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hi. i just realised i have been missing in action for a while.This is the first block of the toy circus BOM. that i finished this month. You think i would do that first, but no i did the second block first. I did the applique with the machine and am very happy with it, i had not done this before, it goes so much quicker
This is the first block of girls day out which i had not shown before, i thought it was finished, but see it still needs the lace on the veranda.
 I am doing block five at the moment I did the applique and now have to do the stitching on it. I also started on the third block of the circus quilt.
i went to a friends place last Friday and we layered the Macca's farm quilt together.all i have to do now is quilt it, that is the hardest for me. i had a count of all my quilt tops last week and have about 9 quilt tops finished, just as well i still like them,and would like to finish them.maybe i can do that this year.
I think this year is going to be a finishing year. It is not going to stop me buying things of course but i need more space to put all the more recent buys.


  1. You are going great with Girls Day Out. I had planned to have block 3 finished by now, but still stitching it tonight

  2. Your GDO is looking great, and the elephant is super cute.