Friday, 26 April 2013

hi there i am back again I did not mean to take such a long time between postings but life has a habit of trowing things out. last week we went to the quilt show in melbourne it was good but did not seem as busy as 2 years ago.
 it was my birthday last Tuesday and this is what my birthday present was i received it a few days before that and i went to Ballarat last Wednesday to pick up the insert so it fitted into the sewing cabinet. it is fantastic, a lot better then what i had.We had visitors over 4 days so i did not get much done but it was good to see every one. the kids put money together and gave me a personal DVD player and gift cards so i will be able to buy some goodies.
i don;t know what i did wrong but this is what i bought at the quilt show. we went to a seminar from Logans patchwork and Margaret showed how to work with border prints so i bought a kit and ruler from them. The pattern is from Somerset patchwork i love that shop.The book is from Gum Valley patchwork, i enjoy working with hexagons, but maybe this is a bit ambitious.
this is what i managed to  finish this halfway before my old machine decided it needed a holiday but now it is finally finished.
tomorrow we are going to Ballarat as Amilie is getting baptized so we will be gone the whole day.

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  1. no stopping you now that you have your new machine and i love your new buys.xx