Wednesday, 17 July 2013

hi, i finally have a few minutes to spare and post something.
Last Sunday was spent in ballarat, little Oscar had his second birthday and had lots of visitors and presents. His mother made a birthday cake that looked like his favorite character, George pig.
At the same time i could give his big brother Oliver his quilt that i finally finished just before we went there.
He thought that it was pretty good.(his words)
I also finished the latest row by row installment which is only due tomorrow, why am i so good at leaving it till the last moment. I promised to do something for a friend which also got finished.
Last week i picked up the pattern and the material that i had ordered with it, Cheryl knows all the fabric i like and she did a good job of picking it, I am very happy with it

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  1. wow that quilt is gorgeous and love your fabrics,have a lovely day.xx