Thursday, 4 July 2013

time flies

Hi there. It has been awhile since my last post, i am full of good intention, but then life happens.
i have been busy with the round robin quilt we are doing at Stawell, trying to think of what to do
.Finding out i have not much material that goes with it, so having to buy more which is a real hardship of course.
Yesterday was the day we had to hand it in and receive the next one, which is a bit of a headache as all the edge are on the bias, so have to be real careful and that is not my middle name.
It was a really good day yesterday, i also went to the craft shop and bought some goodies and had a good talk with Cheryl.
Also started quilting my grandsons quilt,
i did in the ditch with the machine and am now outline quilting all the animals by hand with Perle 8as my free motion quilting is non existing.I will be in Ballarat again next week for 2 days, i might go by train instead of the bus as i can not do anything while traveling by bus. I did some stitching on the girls day out to, i seem to have a love-hate relationship with that quilt, i love the look of it but have not to much luck making it.
This week i will also have to make a row for the row by row as that is due in less then 14 days.


  1. wow Maria this quilt is lovely,well done.xx

  2. I made this quilt for my first grandson, he is almost 4 and it still hangs on his bedroom wall, its gorgeous